Light at the End of the Tunnel

You went out and walked a few blocks away from your apartment, away from all the clutters of work and life. From the many boulders of responsibility you’ve been cradling to the uncertainties of the future, the immense weight made you drop helplessly to the ground, anchoring you down. Looking up at the black sheet of sky, you started feeling lonely, helpless, and such a failure. You’ve dried up your monthly quota of tears from the sessions before. Then, you asked yourself how can I ever get through this? Will I make my parents proud? Will I be able to achieve my dreams? The guilt-drenched questions captured you like a 90’s tape in a loop pulling you from your dreams back to ground zero. For those who feel like giving up, for those who are at the brink of failure, for those who asking why me, hopefully you understand it will pass by. You ask this question just because you’re tired after everything you have done required of you and even sometimes extra. However, it seems the results imply otherwise. You start comparing yourself to your friend, “Hey, he sleeps in class, skipped classes, he still gets an A”. Maybe, he comes late to work, does his job sloppily but he gets the promotion you were always eyeing for. Truth be told, we all have been there at least once in our life. Sometimes in life, we tend to fail, that’s life. We don’t always get what we want. We ask the question why me, to society, to God especially? You started questioning everything, “Like I did this and that, I performed all the prayers even the Sunnah but why am I not getting what I want?”.

Remember this, God answers your prayer in three ways: He grants it, He doesn’t grant it because there is something better, or He gives you the equivalence in the akhirah for your belief and patience in Him. Most importantly, reflect on your actions based on your expectations, because you can’t expect a letter to mail itself. Did you run as you promised yourself? Did you pray on time? He can only help if you help yourself first. Make the first move, and rest assured, things will turn up soon. Imagine yourself during an exam, the teacher stays quiet and monitors the students during the exam. I’m not saying it’s wrong to feel this way because we are human after all. Our strength lies in hope and in never giving up, that is how we were able to land a man on the moon, through countless simulations and repeated failed analysis. We fail but we still get back up, one after another, this is the most beautiful human virtue, not giving up. We are not perfect nor are we God. We cannot control results or other’s expectations of us, but we can control what time we arrive to class or work, having a positive mindset, not procrastinating on a job, being nice to your colleagues, and much more. When you starting thinking you can control this world, it backfires. It’s the small things that bring the most impact. The road to success is a gnarly, rocky road. Success was never promised to anyone. It’s earned through day in and day out of hard work and grit that pushes you through the challenges. If life is easy, it’s not a life worth living.

I’ll leave you with this to bear in mind.

“Sometimes you need to fall to see how beautiful the stars are from the bottom”.


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