Consistency in Faith

In Islam, as we all know, the month of Ramadan is considered to be the most holy in the Islamic calendar. It is a time where the gates of paradise open and the gates of Hell are closed. The influences that urge us to conduct deeds are chained and we as muslims are given a remarkable opportunity to improve the relationships we have with our family and friends, and most importantly, our Lord.

During this month, we see numerous individuals spending time at the mosque consistently, praying and worshipping for graciousness and mercy Allah has bestowed upon us. However, once Ramadan has ended and the day of Eid has passed, that passion for faith and worship suddenly disappears. During the Holy month, lines are filled for the nightly prayer of Isha and the voluntary taraweeh prayers are frequently attended. However, right when the month of Shawwal starts, it would be a blessing to see only two lines filled at Isha.

Alhumdullilah, as a community we make great leaps and bounds, and we represent our religious faith as a beacon of hope and peace to non-muslims. But our responsibility to that passion seems to dissipate after the last day of our Holy month.

As human beings we value consistency. We are consistent with our schoolwork, our occupations, and our families. If for some reason we are not, we are looked down upon by the rest of our human made society. The same thing must be said for our faith on God and his Creations. Fasting for one only one month, praying in the masjid for only one month, and giving alms to the poor for only one month, are the hallmarks of inconsistency, and should be looked down upon in the same way. The month of Ramadan is not used for becoming religious for one portion of the year. It should be used to establish good and God-fearing habits that will eventually live on with us until the day we pass from this world.

Now, I understand that being consistent in such a way may be difficult for us. We are flawed human beings after all. My suggestion would be (and this is a suggestion for myself first and foremost) to establish one or two small habits that keep us closer to our Lord during the month of Ramadan, and to eventually keep these habits after the month has passed. That way, at least we can somehow slowly improve from the way we were before.



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