The Art of Chilling The Islamic Way

By Khalafalla Osman

Bismillahi Rahman Ar Raheem,

Sometimes, I feel like we behave and act based off the friends we spend time with; not saying we’re passive individuals but friendship plays a huge role in our identities and are very influential to the self. You know the saying, “Show me your friends and I will know exactly who you are”? Well brothers and sisters, there’s a lot of truth in that. I strongly recommend you spend time with those friends that are God-fearing individuals. People that will remind you to go to pray, will encourage Islamic activities but at the same time can play good basketball with you in between prayer times and still be able to play well in FIFA’13 with the crew. Brothers and sisters, it’s people like those that care about you for real. Friends like those are people who will stick with you when you make a mistake, and they will help you back up without any condescending; friends like those will keep your spirituality intact and soon you’ll be similar to them and help others insha Allah.

Nowadays, in high school and college settings it’s all about entertainment, social events, etc. For kids nowadays school is important of course, but subhan Allah it seems like after school is finished on Friday teenagers want to go out to parties where alcohol is served, drugs are being used and gender “inter-mingling” reaches its climax. But I just wanted to say to my Muslim brothers AND sisters, you’re better than that! Just because “everybody else is doing that” doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. So in this article, I would like to introduce to you the alternative way of “chilling” for a Muslim that’s fun and still halal!

I know it’s a Friday night, we’re out of school for 2 days and we want to live up the weekend and all but we can’t disregard our Islam. Islam is a lifestyle – and this life isn’t temporary, so why waste it with foolishness that will be haram and damaging to ourselves and sometimes others. Does that mean live life in complete total worship, no fun no games? The funny thing about this question is that when we say something like that, we’re assuming that worshipping Allah is nothing but salaah and other serious forms of submission to Allah; yet in actuality when we work out with the homies at the gym, when we spend time play sports we’re actually pleasing Allah because we’re taking care of the trust Allah gave us – our bodies, our health, our minds. So keep that in mind the next time you’re in the gym or playing football with friends, keep in mind that you’re pleasing the Almighty, Allah (SWT).

Another way of chilling which is probably the most effective one, joining the youth class in your masjid! I can write many anecdotes from brothers our age talking about how youth class changed them for the better but still was extremely entertaining! Youth class in the ICCD, with Imam Abdurahman Yaki is a very insightful class which divided in 3: Quran, Halaqa/Interactive Discussion, and Basketball/Socializing. As a member of the youth class I may sound biased, but see it for yourself! They are every Saturdays at 2 PM in the ICCD masjid basement!

There are many ways to chill and still have your deen remaining intact. Just remember to fear Allah (SWT) and to spend time with the friends and family. Spend time with people who fear Allah and not people who will act like they love you but when you’re in a time of need they’re nowhere to be found. Pick the right friends my brothers and sisters.

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