Identity Crisis: Redefining Ourselves

By Kulsum Shaikh

Humans always face the challenge of shaping their own perspective upon the world. Forming an original opinion becomes a constant battle, where one needs to leaf through multiple perspectives in order to find the one that is truly one they believe in. It is difficult to realize how the magnitude of these different views have already changed us, and have become the foundation from which our own opinion has stemmed. This may be interpreted in both a positive and negative light, since it is important to take multiple views into consideration in order to see the full picture. However this becomes a problem when one particular view becomes the norm, one which viewers are forced to take, rather than resurfacing and finding their own. It becomes vital, that as individuals, we take responsibility, and go about forming our own true opinions, rather than simply accepting the ones that are thrown our way.

Imam Khalid Latif recently referenced this problem when giving a lecture at Siena College on the night of October 15th. While the whole lecture hall was filled with a mix of students, both Muslims and Non-Muslims, the imam made a point that pertained to everyone. That it is the responsibility of each and everyone of us, to form an opinion based on our own experience. Yes it is equally important to take other’s perspectives into consideration, however never let someone else’s opinion become your own until you have done your part as well, and discovered what the truth really is for you. Living in a nation where Muslims are being portrayed in many different angles, it is important for both Muslims and Non-Muslims to form their own perspective, furthermore their own identity. It is in our hands as individuals to discover what is really the truth.

Living in a time where certain perspectives are repeatedly being pushed across the board, to a point where they seem to be taken as the ultimate truth, it becomes important to hold strong, and not let these many angles diminish our own definition, but rather use these angles to empower ourselves, create our own stance, our own individual identity.

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