Technology May Have Induced A Zombified Avalanche

By Kulsum Shaikh

Almost everyone has a phone in there hands, along with some type of social networking account. There is no harm in being up to par with the technological advances in the world. Mashallah, we have really come quite far in our recent innovations, that is something to be proud of and to appreciate. However, the setback that stems from this advancement, is that at times one tends to become caught in these innovations. These innovations are meant to make our daily lives more feasible, to make it easier to interact and stay on top of our day to day activities. When this materialism becomes a replacement rather than a supplement in one’s life, we turn into zombies. We stand miles away from the flesh and blood that makes each one of us different and unique, and rather are engulfed in the black hole that takes us away from all individuality.

People say zombies are overrated. Just like aliens. And the TGIF song. But we don’t realize, that we ourselves are walking breathing zombies. We’re everywhere, literally. What if we took a moment to simply stop and observe the people around us. And why just observe others, if we just observed ourselves. On the surface everything seems fine….but our society is going towards a zombie-take over. An avalanche. What if we asked ourselves, how many times have we interacted with someone in person, or even heard their voice rather than read their words on a screen? The meaning, the emotion, the uniqueness is erased through that screen, it’s gone. The world we live in is going towards a very tech-savy and fast-paced lifestyle; however in the process, our social skills and relationships are being jeopardized. What is first needed is a reality check, we need to fight against this zombie take over, before it’s too late.

The solution is not to blame the technology, it really is a blessing. We are able to remain in contact with relatives and friends across the globe, things that were not possible till only a number of years ago. However the point to remember, is to not become caught up in this matrix, to not forget the meaning, the actual flesh and blood that makeup the fingers that shoot out that text message, or that email. It becomes crucial at times to stay in contact through these innovations, however there is a limit to everything, we cannot push passed a point where our technological bubble becomes our materialistic matrix, keeping us away from our close relationships and loved ones. The moments shared amongst one another are far more cherishable than a few words on a screen. We need to make time to have these moments.  

Next time we go to shoot out that text message, maybe we can replace it with a phone call or even a skype chat. It’s not the technology that is at fault here, it is our materialistic mindset.

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