The Ultimate Journey Of Every High School Student

By Kulsum Shaikh

With the first day of freshman year, begins every high school student’s preparation towards moving onto college. We are reminded by parent’s, teacher’s, and peers that from here on out everything counts. Every homework, test grade, class participation, and even interaction with teachers forms the backbone for one important journey, the college process.

It is the beginning of junior year, in which students tend to go into full gear, diving into the many components of applying to college. Students work to their max potential through the first semester of their senior year in which the process finally comes to a close. The journey begins by forming a list of prospective colleges while keeping up with busy course loads and extra curricular activities at the beginning of the junior year of high school. The next step is going on to visiting and giving optional interviews at many of these colleges, along with doing much research on each college in order to determine whether to apply to a particular college or not. After dwindling down the list of prospective colleges by the beginning of senior year, most students usually have a good idea of what colleges they are definitely applying to. Besides determining what colleges to apply to, students are also actively studying for the SAT Reasoning exam and/or the ACT (American College Testing) exam which are required by the majority of colleges. Some students even go on to taking additional SAT subject tests depending on their prospective college’s requirements.

With the start of senior year, students need to have asked at least two of their teachers for teacher recommendations, and should have begun work on their big college essay, the personal statement that each college applicant needs to submit. This essay serves as a slice of a student’s personality which the college can use to further understand the applicant. Students often put in much time and effort, along with the help of their teachers who aid students in critiquing their work so that they finish with an amazing polished piece that is unique and symbolic to the applicant’s personality. With the close of the first semester of senior year, students have a large checklist of items that have been completed. From first looking into perspective colleges, taking college entrance exams, and gathering teacher recommendations, to writing personal statements and supplemental college essays, students finally complete the last required step, the actual application. Through the college application, students display all that they have accomplished over their last four years in high school, and provide every piece of information possible to creating their personal application. At this point in time, most high school students have completed everything that is required in order to apply for college. All that is left to do is to wait for their college’s decisions, and then finally make a decision as to which college they would like to go to.

Looking back at my experience with the college process, I have to say, it was a lengthy and challenging one, however it was one of the most rewarding experiences thus far. I wish the best of luck to those of you who have recently completed this process and are ready to step foot into the college world, and for those who are yet to go through it, may Allah Subhanuatallah give you the strength and perseverance to do so successfully. Inshallah.

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