The Opened Door

The hours and days of our lives pass by quickly, as we move from one phase and station of life to another, from the simpler days of childhood to the intemperate days of adolescence, to young adulthood and beyond. As we reach maturity, our ‘books’ of rizq (apportioned sustenance), of destiny, and of our actions are opened and filled. Our words and our deeds are written line by line, each action duly recorded by the Kiramal Katibeen as our lives move on from chapter to chapter. On the Day of Rising, when our books are complete, we will look back on the entirety of our lives as if it were but a dream, or like a day or part of a day, amazed by how quickly it all went by, and how fast time marched forward.

One of the amazing gifts Allah has given us in our lives is that of milestones, hallmarks and seasons. They help us place distinctive points in our life, marking off one phase from the next, giving us an opportunity to turn back and reflect on how far we’ve come.Ramadan is a beautiful stopping point, and sometimes a painful one, as we look back at the years behind us and see how much – or how little – we have accomplished, how much closer to our goals we have gotten, or how much further we are from where we want to be.

Ramadan is here again, a marking point, and also an open door. As we reflect back on the missed opportunities of the past, let us not forget what the days that are before us mean: they are fresh pages of a fresh chapter, that are waiting to be written. I ask you to come back, no matter how far you have gone, as ours is not a caravan of despair, and our Lord is Most Forgiving and kind to those who seek Him and love Him, and knock on His door, penitent and ready to begin again. For the seeking, for the broken-hearted, for the yearning, for the one whose eyes have not been moved to tears in too long, for one whose deeds overwhelm him, for one whose heart feels hardened from Him and His words, these days are yours. May Allah make these days a means of our heart’s revival. May He give us the light and immense blessings of this month and make it a means of our returning to Him. May He make this Ramadan a beautiful chapter in our books, that turns the story to a happier end, and may He make it a means of our forgiveness and acceptance. Ameen!



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    By: Ustadha Shazia Ahmad

    Shazia Ahmad was born and raised in upstate New York. She graduated from the State University of New York (SUNY) Albany with a Bachelors in Psychology and History. During her time in university, Shazia was involved in the Muslim Students’ Association, community and interfaith work, and studied with local scholar and teacher Dr. Mokhtar Maghraoui. After graduating, Shazia spent time in Syria, studying briefly at the University of Damascus and then at Abu Nour University where she completed an Arabic Studies program (Ad-Dawraat) and a program in Islamic Studies (Ma’had at-Taheeli). She also studied in a number of private classes and attained her ijaza in Qur’anic recitation from the late Sh. Muhiyudin al-Kurdi (Rahimahullah). She then spent the following six years in Cairo, Egypt with her husband Sh. Arsalan Haque, furthering her education through private lessons and study. She has ijazaat in a number of introductory texts in various Islamic subjects and has written on Islam for Jannah.Org and (formerly the blog of Imam Suhaib Webb.)

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