Importance of Parents

By Unushah Khan

Nowadays, many teenagers tend to think negatively towards the way our parents treat us. As the youth of this generation many things they say or do can make us think this way. But have we ever really thought about the reason behind this? Islam tells us how we must behave with our parents and how they must behave with us. It is said that if you respect your parents then in the future your children will respect you.

There are many things parents do that we take the wrong way. In some cases if your parents say no to you about something, it’s usually for your own benefit. They brought us to this world and have known us since the minute we were born. They’ve lived longer, been through more, and have made and learned from their mistakes. Although, explaining or convincing them isn’t wrong, it must be done correctly and with respect. It is very important to be careful the way we speak with your parents. We should always watch our tone, language, and gestures towards them. We should always ask their permission and get their approval before doing or going anywhere. There should always be a strong bond and understanding between the child and his or her parents, because if we understand them then they will understand us. Islam is one of the very few religions where the relationship between the parent and the offspring is so important, and should never be reluctant.

One of the most important duties in our lives is towards our mothers. Our mothers have numerous rights over ourselves and it is our duty to do as she desires. It is said in the Quran (THIS SHOULD BE THE PROPHET (SAW) SAID), that paradise lies under the foot of the mother. No mother would ever hurt her child intentionally. No mother ever intends to hurt her child, but rather to teach her children the truth about life. Many hadiths say that the mother has more rights and honor than the father because of the far more responsibilities they have towards their children. In Islam, you should love and honor your mother every single day. Living in the United States we see holidays such as mother’s day or father’s day, but we as Muslims are supposed to honor and love our mothers and fathers every single day rather than a day that comes around annually.

As their children, we have many duties towards our parents. Our parents are so important that we are responsible to carrying out our duties towards them even after their deaths. A man once asked the Holy Prophet PBUH, “Do I owe a duty to my parents after their death?” And the Holy Prophet PBUH says, “Indeed yes, in four respects: you should pray for God’s forgiveness for them and invoke His blessings upon them, that you carry out whatever they undertook to do,  that you should honor their friends, and strengthen the ties of kinship with those who are related to you through them.” And our duty continues to grow, especially after we’ve become parents ourselves. The relationship between us and our parents should never break, but should get stronger as time goes on. And no matter who comes or leave our lives, our parents are the next closest source of help and guidance after Allah SWT himself.

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    By: Unushah Khan

    Unushah Khan was born in Queens, New York and raised in Upstate Albany New York. She is currently a senior at Shaker High School. She hopes to go to college to pursue a degree in Biomedical Sciences and Business. She’s been involved in her school’s MSA since middle school and is currently Vice President of Shaker High School’s MSA. She is an optimistic traveler and pizza lover. She loves to be involved in various community events and charity work.

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